Friday 22th Oct 2021
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Integrated Horticulture Development Scheme (IHDS)

• Integrated Horticulture Development Scheme is implemented with an objective to promote holistic growth of horticulture sector.

• This scheme is 100% funded by Government of Tamil Nadu.

• This scheme is being implemented in all the districts of Tamil Nadu based on the component implemented Under this scheme, assistance is being provided for the following components:

• Cultivation of Horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, Spices, Aromatic plants, flower crops).

• Protected cultivation through establishment of Poly green houses and Shadenet

• Post-harvest management of Horticulture produce through establishment of Low cost Onion storage structures and Pack houses • Encouraging homestead gardens through distribution of Vegetable seed kits, Vegetable garden kits, homestead drip systems.

• Bee keeping

• Vermi-compost unit

• Cultivation of vegetables in the off-season

• Mobile vending carts.

• Distribution of Horticulture tools and equipments.