Monday 20th Sep 2021


Roof Top Gardening

The art of creating the greenery and maintaining the greenery on the roof top is known as “Roof Gardening”. This is also known as Terrace gardening. The existing roof top can be effectively utilized for growing fruit plants, vegetables, spices, homestead medicinal plants, flower plants and ornamental plants. Other than the decorative benefits, roof plantings may also provide food. The practice of cultivating food on the roof top of building is sometimes referred to as roof top farming.

Benefits of roof gardening

• Dietary requirements of the family member can be fulfilled.

• An inexpensive way to grow our own fresh vegetables.

• Working in a roof garden will relieve stress and strains.

• Maintaining the greenery through roof garden reduces the pollution.

• Increases the amount of oxygen in air.

• Reduces the indoor temperature by 6 to 8 degree.

• Any varieties of vegetables required can be grown.

Vegetable Garden Kit

Growing vegetables at the roof top spaces and common open space available in your home, is the major trust of this programme. The Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops is distributing roof top vegetable garden kits at subsidized cost all over Tamil Nadu.

Objectives of the Scheme

• To provide a platform to city dwellers to cultivate their own vegetables.

• Motivating public to grow vegetables on roof top in their proximity.

• Dissemination of cultivation technology and gardening experience to the urban people.

• Eco-friendly nature to combat the pollution through automobiles and dust.

• Provide nutritional security through poison free vegetables.

Highlight of the scheme

Usage of

• Light weight growing medium

• Light weight containers

• Bio-pesticides and Bio control agents

• Bio-fertilizer

• Vegetable seeds

Components of the roof top vegetable garden kit Components of the Kit Quantity
1 HDPE Polythene Grow bags 6 Nos
2 Compressed Coco peat Blocks – 2kg / Bag 12 Kg
3 Vegetable seed 6 Kinds
4 Azospirillum 200g
5 Phospobacteria 200g
6 Bio control agent 200g
7 Azadirachtin 100 ml
8 Technical Know-how Leaflet 1 NO

1. Full cost – Rs. 850/-

2. Subsidy (40%) – Rs. 340/-

3. Beneficiary Contribution – Rs. 510/-

* Thiruvanmiyur: No 9, ThiruveedhiammanKovil Street, near Old RTO Office, Thiruvanmiyur. Ph: 9444526362 , 9840079551

* AnnaNagar: Horticulture Depot, Near Anna Arch, Opp. to Anna Siddha Hospital. Ph: 8903321667 , 9841317618

* Madhavaram: Hortiulture Depot, Milk colony road, Arul Nagar, Madhavaram, Chennai-51. Ph: 8870562306

* SemmozhiPoonga, Cathedral Road, Near Gemini Flyover. Ph: 9677140624