Sunday 26th Jun 2022

Public Advisory services

Assistance provided by Department of Horticulture & Plantation Crops

Cultivation of Horticultural crops:

Cultivation of various Horticultural crops as detailed below is promoted by providing subsidy assistance & technology ( 40% -50% ) through Horticulture schemes like NHM, NADP, IHDS and TN-IAMP.

  • All Fruit crops like Mango, Guava, Papaya, Pomegranate, Litchi, Mandarin orange,etc

  • All Vegetable crops like Tomato,Chillies, Brinjal, Onion, Cole crops, etc

  • Seed Spices like Coriander, chillies

  • Rhizomatic spices like Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric,etc

  • Perennial spices like Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Curry leaf, Tamarind, etc

  • Plantation crops like Cashew, Datepalm, Palmyrah and Cocoa

  • Loose Flower crops like Jasmine, Roses, Crossandra, Marigold, chrysanthemum

  • Cut flower crops like Gerbera, Carnations, Roses, Anthurium, etc

  • Bamboo- cultivation assistance is provided under NBM.

  • Assistance for Medicinal plants is provided under NAMMP.

  • Vegetable seed kits are distributed under CMRVPP and NADP.

  • Irrigation systems with water saving technology:

    Micro Irrigation technology plays a vital role in saving water and increasing productivity through effective utilization of every drop of water. This technology is adopted in the following irrigation systems:

  • Drip system for widely spaced crops.

  • Sprinkler system for closely spaced crop

  • Assistance of 75% -100% is provided for these components under PMKSY

  • Hi-techHorticultural crop production(Poly greenhouses & Shadenet)

    Production of Vegetable and cut flower crops under Protected conditions not only provides high water and nutrient use efficiency but it can easily increase the productivity by 3-5 folds over open field cultivation of these crops.

    Year-round production of various Horticulture crops becomes possible through these Protected structures.

    50% Assistance for Hi-tech cultivation through Poly green houses and Shadenet is being provided under NHM, NADP, TN-IAMP and RAD under NMSA.


  • Mulching is covering the soil around the plant with plastics film, straw, grass, hay, dry leaves, stones, etc which prevents moisture loss.

  • It helps in moderating the soil temperature & micro-climate in the plant root zone, which helps to increase yield and early maturity of crops.

  • The plastic mulch sheets are provided under 50% subsidy to the farmers under NHM and TN-IAMP.

    Onion Storage structures:

    Onion is a semi-perishable crop and 30-40% of the crop gets lost during the storage.

    Adequate storage facility will help in checking the supply volatility and steep rise in onion prices.

    The onion storage structures are being provided at 40% subsidy under NHM and NADP.

    Integrated farming System:

  • A farming system with simultaneous activities involving crop and animal.
  • Under IFS, Farming components support one another; hence, reducing external inputs
  • Under RAD, Integrated farming system including the cultivation of Horticultural crop like fruits and vegetables and Agricultural crop like pulses, Vermicompost production unit, Honey bee rearing, Cows, goats and Poultry birds will be provided at 50% subsidy.
  • Training & demonstration:

  • Training to farmers to improve the skill and handling the latest scientific advances and technology tools.
  • Training is imparted to farmers in advanced Horticultural practices, Cultivation of Horticultural crops, Marketing, Organic farming, etc under NHM, TN-IAMP and RAD to motivate the farmers.
  • Pandal cultivation:

  • Supporting structure widely used for cultivating gourds, grapes, etc.

  • 50% subsidy is being under NADP.

  • Anti-bird net:

  • Enables Farmers protecting crops from heavy attack by the destructive birds.

  • The net is effective and protects crops from bird damages.

  • Anti-bird nets are provided at 50% subsidy under NHM.

  • Vermicomposting:

  • Vermicompost is a nutrient- rich 'organic fertilizer' containing NPK, micronutrients and beneficial soil microbes .

  • Assistance is provided for establishing Permanent vermi-compost units and Vermibeds at 50% subsidy under NHM and RAD.

  • Nursery

  • 40% & 50% assistance is provided for small and Hi – tech nurseries for production of quality pedigree planting materials with certification through NHM.
  • Mushroom production unit

  • Mushrooms are highly proteinaceous food. Mushroom are grown throughout the year.

  • 40% assistance is provided to establish Mushroom production unit, compost making unit and spawn production unit through NHM.

  • Water storage structures

  • Water storage structures are used for collecting, storing and conserving run off water for production purpose.

  • Individual water harvesting structures, community water ponds are promoted with 50-100% assistance under NHM.

  • Mechanization

  • Farm mechanization is an important element for modernization of agriculture.

  • Horticultural mechanization enables efficient utilization of various inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and water for irrigation.

  • 50% assistance is provided for Tractors and Power Tillers under NHM.

  • Post-Harvest Management Structures

  • Inadequate post-harvest handling causes loss of 20- 30% of Horticultural produce annually.
  • 35-50% assistance is provided for creation of post-harvest structures like Pack houses, Low cost onion storage units, pre cooling units and Cold storage infrastructure facilities at under NHM.

  • Mobile Vending cart

  • To sell fresh fruits and vegetables by the vendors.

  • 50% assistance is extended as back ended for Mobile vending carts under NHM.