Thursday 06th Oct 2022

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Sl. No G.O. Ms. No G.O. Ms. Dated Name of the Schemes Abstract Download
1 GO(2D)No.179 2021-12-02 NMSA-PKVY Sanction for first installment of Rs.52 lakh for implementation of BPKP under PKVY during 2021-22
2 G.O. (2D). No. 34 Agriculture (AP3) Department 2021-02-16 NMSA-PKVY PKVY 2020-21 3rd year activities Rs.160.67 lakh
3 G.O. (Ms). No. 291 Agriculture (AP3) Department 2020-12-09 NMSA-PKVY PKVY 2020-21 under NMSA 1st instalment Rs.6.6 lakh
4 G.O.Ms.No.275 Agriculture (AP3) Department 31-10-2018 NMSA-PKVY G.O issued for the implementation of 1st year programme for the 50 clusters approved during 2018-19 under Paramaparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana component of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
5 G.O.Ms.No.67 Agriculture (AP3) Department 13-03-2018 NMSA-PKVY G.O issued for the following programmes: Balance amount of Rs.69.756 lakhs for implementation of 2nd year programme of 51 clusters, 1st instalment amount of Rs.73.845 lakhs for the implementation of 3rd year programme of 51 clusters, 1st instalment amount
6 G.O.Ms.No.74 Agriculture (AP3) Department 08-03-2019 NMSA-PKVY An amount of Rs.230.09 lakhs was sanctioned for the follwoing programmes: 2nd instalment for implementation of 3rd year programme of 51 clusters for an amount of Rs.73.846 lakhs, 2nd instalment amount of Rs.38.870 lakhs for implementation of 1st year prog
7 G.O. (Ms). No. 279 Agriculture (AP3) Department 29-11-2019 NMSA-PKVY PKVY - Phase I (2015-16) & Phase II (2018-19 to 2020-21)