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Part II Scheme

Part II scheme

Horticulture is a fast growing industry in Tamilnadu. There is a change in the world scenario among the people in food consumption especially after the introduction of green revolution. Now people like to lead a quality life, and have a conscience of taking food which provides nutritional security to them. This change in the food attitude lays burden on Horticulture in the production of quality produce of fruits and vegetables which are the major source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

During green revolution the government schemes were developed on the basis of area expansion of different crops. But in this period of "Second Green Revolution" the focus is on holistic development of the farm irrespective of its size so that there is doubling of farm income which will lead to food security, nutritional security and also social security due to improved quality of life. The agricultural area is shrinking day by day, because of urbanization and industrialization and hence major thrust is given for increasing the production and productivity per unit area by the introduction of various technologies. This is achieved by implementing various schemes as follows:

1. Integrated Horticulture Development Scheme
2. Integrated Tribal Development Programme
3. Western Ghat Development Programme
4. Hill Area Development Programme
5. City Vegetable Development Programme
6. National Agriculture Development Programme
7. National Agriculture Insurance Scheme
8. Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme
9. National Horticulture Mission<
10. National Mission on Micro Irrigation
11. National Bamboo Mission
12. National Mission on Medicinal Plants

In order to build the capacity of the farmer to implement the above said schemes in block level, Part-II scheme is implemented for creating sufficient infrastructure for efficient running of the administrative machinery and proper implementation of the scheme components like Input Storage Godowns, Extension centres, Training Centres and various other infrastructures